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Long after a tree is gone, it stump or roots can remain. It can be much more difficult to get rid an unwanted tree stump than the tree itself. Unlike the tree which can be cut down, large stumps must be ground down with the proper equipment or the entire stump and roots need to be dug out and pulled from the ground. Neither option is feasible for the average homeowner or business owner to attempt on their own. Framingham Tree Pros offers full stump grinding and removal services for your ease and convenience.

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    Tree Cutting Framingham MA

    Tree Stump and Roots

    The tree stump and roots are the most stubborn and difficult to remove parts of the tree. It is not an impossible task, however. Our tree experts have had years of experience removing trees along with their stumps and roots completely for our customers. We know how unappealing and inconvenient a leftover tree stump can be. Let us help you remove this impediment so you can make full use of your property without a problem.

    Stump Grinding

    At Framingham Tree Pros, we don’t stop at tree trunk removal. We know that our customers often have other plans for the area where the removed tree once stood, and having a large trump stump or underlying tree roots in the way can be an obstacle. That is why we provide stump grinding as a part of our tree services. If you have a tree stump or tree roots that need removing, we are the right team for the job. Contact us for the cost of a tree stump removal.


    Swift and Tidy Removal Practices

    Just a with tree trimming or tree removal, stump grinding and removal isn’t always as neat as we’d like it to be. But you can be assured that our team works carefully and professionally to maintain the integrity of your property. We will leave your property in the same condition we find it, minus the unwanted tree stump. We make sure that we clean up after the work is done and avoid disturbing or damaging surrounding areas. This is just one way in which our team goes above and beyond in the course of providing our expert tree services.

    Professional Tree Stump Remover

    Our reputation is built on our high standard of service and expert care. We deliver more than just bare bones tree services to our customers. Our tree pros take the time to assess all situations and recommend the best course of action for our customers. We offer tree trimming and tree removal solutions that are tailored to you and address your particular needs. That’s what sets us apart from our competitors and makes us the leading stump removal service in the Boston area. If you need a stump removed, we are the right people to call. Contact us to find out more about our services or to request a quote.

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    We have done many stump grinding jobs in the Framingham area over the years, and always try to keep the cost to our customers as affordable as possible. On average, we advise homeowners that the cost to remove a stump will vary based on the size and diameter of the stump itself.  When there are multiple stumps that need to be removed, we usually offer a multi stump removal discount. If you have unwanted stumps on your property, and you are looking up “stump removal near me” give us a call first and get the pros to do it for you at the best price!