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As part of our tree service, we offer tree felling services, which is considered to be part of expert tree removal and taking down older and very tall treesTree felling has to be performed with exceptional skill and care so as not to damage property or individuals. There is physics and calculations involved, and should not be attempted at home. 

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    There are many types of trees that grow exceptionally tall in this region, specifically we see plentiful amounts of skinny white pines and other tall evergreens that can reach up to 144 feet high. If you look up the New England Historical Society, you will find that some of the tallest trees in New England have been given names for the heights they have reached.  

    Tall trees only become a threat when they have been weakened, or attacked by ants, bugs or other diseases that cause structural damage to the trunk. If you see that your tall trees have started to lean precariously, or have any concerns whatsoever about your tall trees, do not hesitate to call a tree expert to have them evaluated sooner rather than later. Felling and cutting tall trees can be costly but not as costly if they were to fall on their own and damage your home, or other structures or worse yet, injure people on your property. 

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